The never-complete list of what keeps my attention, shapes my worldview, and gets me thinking. 

News & CULTURal Commentary

  • The Atlantic | A fantastic source of cultural insight.
  • The New Yorker | The best writing around. News, non-fiction, and politics sections.
  • NextDraft | Aggregate newsletter of all the things you need to know, put together by Dave Pell.
  • PopCultureBrain | Pop culture, pure and simple.
  • /r/InDepthStories | Long form (often investigative) journalism from all over the internet.

Art & Design

  • FastCo Design | Fast Company is a must-read, their coverage of design in technology and innovation is always great.
  • Awwwards | Awards a new site daily for excellence in web design
  • Lovely Package | Package design eye-candy.
  • The Dieline | Beautiful package design with a focus on CPGs.
  • This Isn't Happiness | One of the best curated art blogs on the web, period.
  • POSE | My favorite artist of the moment who does street/gallery work. Roy Lichtenstein meets remix culture.
  • Uncrate | Gadgets, clothing and anything else that makes you go "I want that."

TECHnology, Startups & Emerging Trends

  • DaringFireball | Tech news curated by Jon Gruber, always spot-on analysis covering all things tech with a focus on Apple.
  • The Verge | Accessible gadget, tech and startup news with an informed point of view.
  • Emergent Futures |  Futurism and emerging trends from Sandy Higgins and Paul Teagle.
  • Vice Motherboard | Smart takes on niches in tech culture, as Vice is known for.
  • Alex Bogusky, @bogusky | Best known for his work at CP+B, his recent efforts are mostly in the realms of technology and innovation
  • Ross Sheingold, @RossSheingold | Chief Innovation officer at 247LS
  • Michael Pastko | Entrepreneur, UX designer and a close friend of mine! 
  • Benedict Evans | VC in technology companies, really thorough and thoughtful posts. 

Advertising & Branding

  • Strategy Online | Covering strategy in marketing and advertising. Based out of Canada.
  • AdAge | Required reading for industry news, and the who's who of good advertising. 
  • AdWeek | Same as above!
  • PFSKA massive database of innovation reports on advertising design, retail, tech & more.
  • Creative Review | Covering changes in the creative landscape since 1980.
  • Tom Goodwin, @tomfgoodwin | 'Advertising provocateur' with great insight and a strong track record
  • Harsha Ganga, @gHarsha | Advertising Professor at my alma matter. Covers tech, communications and business.
  • Ed Zitron, @edzitron | PR expert, hilarious perspectives on internet culture.

Politics & American Culture

Media, Humor, & Misc

  • Splitsider | Inside Jokes: Comedy news and reviews.
  • Carrie Brownstein |  Where to start... Brilliant artist in so many ways, music, humor and writing. 
  • Jeb Lund, @Mobute | Columnist for Guardian, Rolling Stone, and Vice.
  • Cryptic Celluloid | Well informed film reviews from my good friend Nello. Covers the niche to the mainstream.