Work I Love: Virgin America - Booking Platform Experience Design

Flying is a pain in the neck, but that shouldn't start with booking your ticket. I've recently been planning my first trip to New York City, and the booking experience from an airline I don't normally fly was a very pleasant surprise.

Work & Co did a redesign of Virgin America's booking platform that is not only effective in streamlining the ticket purchasing process, but beautiful and fun.

 Virgin's old booking interface. Don't forget your air sickness bag.

Virgin's old booking interface. Don't forget your air sickness bag.

As WIRED notes, most booking experiences are built on old technology and not optimized for where activity actually happens - on mobile devices. But they didn't stop there, by building a fully responsive site that also worked on desktop, bringing the brand's assets into alignment across all platforms.

But this is more than just a new coat of paint. Promotions are built into the design and feel fluid rather than a tacky add-on. And through the visual style and copy, they manage to express the tone of the brand: fun, quirky, and down-to-earth. Forester did a case study on the project, where you can read more about how Virgin and Work & Co approached the project and made it excel.

In the video overview, you can see the booking process from start to finish. Makes you want to book a ticket, doesn't it?

Why I love it: In the world of advertising, there is a lot of talk about creating experiences for consumers, and it only makes sense that this should start with the core functionality, or first consumer touchpoint, of a business. And as you may have noticed, this is from 2014 - not quite "bleeding edge." But yet it still feels fresh, modern, and immediately useful - that is the sign of good design, and a well planned and executed user interface overhaul.

You can see Work & Co's full case study here.