I don't sell ice to eskimos

My first job in the Summer of 2010 was going door-to-door and selling paint jobs.

It taught me one thing: Just because you can sell someone something, doesn't mean you should. 

I'm Experienced in different types of strategy

I’m a strategist with experience in brand, experience and communications strategy. 

I write creative briefs, communications plans, brief creative teams, and effectively sell through creative work. 

I’ve helped create a variety of marketing campaigns from mass market brand building to highly-targeted customer relationship communications.

I’ve worked on industry leading and challenger brands including Visa, Alaska Airlines, Charles Schwab, and Muscle Milk. 

It’s important to me to help make things that are useful or entertaining… preferably both. 

It’s vital that I connect people with products and services that improve their lives.

I'D like to do this with you

If you’d like to do this together, let’s get in touch: nate@natebking.com